Updated NEC ACR Preferred IFR Routes Effective 11/5/2020

11/18/2020 1:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Flight Plan Filers,

NOTE:  If you are not a provider of flight planning or filing services, please disregard this email and request that you be removed from this list.

Please be advised the FAA Preferred IFR Routes have been updated for the 11/5/2020 implementation of the Northeast Corridor Atlantic Coast Routes (NEC ACR) with 7 new Q-Routes being implemented:  Q119, Q127, Q129, Q220, Q430, Q439, Q450.  Please utilize the published routes available at https://www.fly.faa.gov/rmt/nfdc_preferred_routes_database.jsp to the maximum extent possible to avoid ATC required re-routes.  I have attached the briefing FAA recently provided to Flight Plan Filers.

If your flight plans are departing Florida airports (MIA, FLL, PBI, FXE, SUA, MCO, ORL) and utilizing offshore routes AR16 or AR18, please take particular care to file the precise route for your destination airport.  Published offshore routes exist for the following destination airports: ACK, ALB, BAF, BDL, BDR, BED, BOS, BVY, BWI, CEF, DXR, EWR, FOK, FRG, GON, HFD, HPN, HTO, HVN, IAD, ISP, JFK, LGA, LWM, MHT, MMU, ORH, PHL, POU, PVD, RDU, SWF, TEB, YUL, YYZ.  Published offshore routes for Y494 and/or Y497 exist for flights departing FLL, MCO, MIA, PBI, TPA, MDSD, and MYNN with destinations BDA, BOS, DOV, EWR, JFK, MMU, and TEB. 

For routes to and from Florida airports not found in the above link, please utilize the routes available at:

Northbound General Aviation Pref Routes (Departing Florida Airports)

Southbound General Aviation Pref Routes (Arriving Florida Airports)

The Florida airports in the routes at the above two links include:  07FA, APF, BCT, EYW, FA54, FHB, FMY, FLL, FXE, ISM, MKY, MIA, MCO, OPF, ORL, PBI, PIE, PGD, RSW, SFB, SRQ, SUA, TMB, TPA.  Again, please file the precise route for your departure and destination airport.

In addition, for flights with destination CHS, please note the MRPIT transition on the AMYLU THREE (RNAV) ARRIVAL is “ATC ASSIGNED ONLY,” so please do not file the MRPIT transition.  When arriving from the north, please file the RAPPZ transition from over ORF or ISO.  Numerous published routes are available so please utilize the published routes when available.

Please be reminded of and adhere to the NA (Not Authorized) NOTAMs published by ZJX effective until next year (12/2/2021) for the following routes: Q85, Q87, Q97, Q109, Q113, Q135, Q409, Y289, Y291, Y299, Y309, Y319, Y323.  The text of the NOTAMs are included in the attached document.  The NA NOTAM for Y307 has been cancelled and the published routes will be updated to include “NUCAR Y307 GARIC” next month (12/31/2020).

If you have questions or issues please feel free to contact us or one of the FAA ARTCCs below directly.

Doug for… 

Paul Withers, FAA Management Co-Lead

Joey Tinsley, NATCA Co-Lead


NEC ACR Implementation Briefing for Flight Plan Fliers

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